Fees & Ways to Book


Booking &Show Information

  • Flexible Times

    Morning, afternoon, and evening times available.

  • Letter of Agreement

    A simple Letter of Agreement will be provided with details of the engagement.

  • Payment Information

    Payment is required on the date of engagement (or you may pay in advance). Late payments will be assessed late fees.

  • Cancellation Policy

    If the client must cancel an engagement, the client must honor the signed contract by rescheduling the engagement or cancelling the com- mitment by payment of a $50 fee. Engagements beyond a 40-mile dis- tance are assessed an additional small fee.

Themed Cabaret Fees

$150 for one featured show

$115 each for 2-5 featured shows

$105 each for 6-11 featured shows

$95 each for 12 or more featured shows

For just $25 more per show, choose any show you want for any month.

** Please call or email for Michigan/Indiana rates and tour dates